You can receive a simple test for sleep apnea syndrome at home. June 8, 2018

Have you ever been told that you stop breathing while sleeping?

Sleep apnea syndrome is a disorder in which breathing ceases many times during sleep due to causes such as obstruction of the airway or slow commands from the central nervous system. It is a disorder common in overweight individuals, but it is also seen in slim Japanese as well. Proper treatment not only eliminates symptoms such as sleepiness or a feeling of weariness during the day; it also leads to prevention and amelioration of complications such as high blood pressure.

Our clinic offers a simple test for sleep apnea syndrome. The test can be done at home without coming to the clinic. It involves a simple interview/ questionnaire and putting a simple device on your wrist before going to bed.

This test is covered by Japanese health insurance. Contact us if you are interested in receiving this test.
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