Services (By Appointment Only)

Internal Medicine

We handle general internal medicine.
It is possible to take a test for sleep apnea syndrome at home, with no need for a hospital stay. Feel free to ask us about the test if you are interested. Although they must be paid for at your own expense, we also offer tests to estimate your likelihood of having early stage cancer, using just a blood sample. It is expected that cancer screening from here on in will enter an age in which early detection and early treatment are conducted more reliably by knowing what kind of cancer you might be susceptible to, rather than blindly conducting CT and endoscopic examinations.

Cardiovascular Medicine

Many cardiovascular diseases are lifestyle diseases. Conditions such as obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and increased levels of uric acid in the blood damage the blood vessels by hardening of the arteries, causing various diseases. Protect yourself against cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, and other disorders by learning your generalized arteriosclerosis risk with a blood test, evaluating local blood vessels using an ultrasound, and receiving early treatment.

Travel Medicine/Vaccinations

For people planning to stay overseas, we can provide information on the local medical situation and give vaccinations. We also prescribe drugs for the prevention of malaria, so please ask us for information.
Also, for people who have been bitten by an animal such as a dog or monkey overseas and need post-exposure vaccinations for rabies, we continue inoculations using imported vaccines such as Verorab after you return to Japan.

Vaccinations and preventive drugs available

Influenza, pneumococcus for adults, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, MR (measles, rubella), mumps, Japanese encephalitis, polio, tetanus, rabies*, typhoid fever*, cholera*, meningococcus, tick-borne encephalitis*, and malaria
* Imported vaccines

About imported vaccines

Pre-departure vaccinations we have stocked many items, but some of them must be ordered on your request.

Multilingual Support

The doctor or nurse provide service directly in English.
We can also provide medical care via three-person interpretation using a tablet in Chinese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Hindi and Japanese sign language.

Services for Foreigners

As a family practice clinic, we diagnose and treat general aliments and minor physical trauma in adults and children. For patients who need more advanced medical care, we can refer you to a university hospital or other institution and introduce an escort medical interpreter.
We accept many kinds of payment, including Japanese health insurance, overseas travel insurance, and payment at your own expense.


Other services we can provide include second opinions, medical consultations, and issuing of medical certificates. Please ask us for details.


Cash: Japanese yen only
Credit card: VISA/Master/JCB/AMEX/Diners/DISCOVER/銀聯 (China UnionPay)

We also provide international hospital transfer services and a house call service for foreigners (not covered by insurance). Please see the following pages for details.