You can receive a cancer risk test with just a blood sample. June 8, 2018

At our clinic, you can receive tests to find out your risk of cancer with just a blood sample and no examination with a CT or endoscope.

CanTect is a cancer gene test that uses only around 20 ml of blood. We can produce a report on your risk of cancer and preventive maintenance by conducting a test for cancer-related genes in the blood. The test screens for cancer-specific genes and cancer-causing genes to see whether there is cancer cell growth, including cancer of the digestive system, breast cancer, and lung cancer, and whether various cancer genes are present in the body.

AminoIndex® Cancer Screening uses a blood sample of about 5 ml to assess the possibility that you have cancer at present by measuring the concentration of amino acids in the blood. We can produce a report that assesses the possibility of stomach cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer (men only), breast cancer or ovarian cancer (women only).

You can receive the CanTech and AminoIndex® Cancer Screening at our clinic. Contact us if you are interested in receiving these tests.
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These tests are not covered by health insurance and so are conducted at your own expense.