Before you travel ~ Travel Medications and Advance Authorization. February 13, 2020

When you are away from home country, you are prone to get sick due to climate and life style change. However, it is not so simple and easy to buy medication at chemist or to go to see doctor in a hospital, with different system of health services and language barrier.

If your symptom is mild, you may be able to treat yourself with medications you prepare beforehand. Travel Medication Set,including pain killer, probiotic, enti-nausea, cold patch, ointment and so on, is available at Koishikawa International Clinic.

In case you need admission, surgery or blood transfusion, in some countries or hospitals, emergency treatment may not be provided without guardian’s / family member’s consent.
If your child / spouse will stay overseas by him/herself, we recommend the traveler to go with advance authorization form signed by parent’s /family member. Please refer our example of advance authorization as attached.

We wish you a safe journey!