COVID-19 PCR Test Dedicated Reception
September 6, 2021 September 6, 2021

We established COVID-19 PCR Test dedicated reception at KOISHIKAWA INTERNATIONAL CLINIC (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) due to increasing inquries.
COVID-19 PCR Test Dedicated Reception
TEL: 03-6371-1702
Email Address:

COVID-19 test in our clinic is not covered by Japanese Medical Insurance.
If you need a health certificate to travel abroad, please confirm the requirements of the country you intend to enter from Embassies or Airlines (for example, “you need to test within 72 hours prior to departure time”), and email us ( the format beforehand.

Our clinic is closed on Sat. Sun. and public holidays.
You can come to obtain your certificate usually at 11:00pm, 1 day after the test.
Tested on Monday → Reporting on Tuesday
Tested on Tuesday → Reporting on Wednesday
Tested on Wednesday → Reporting on Thursday
Tested on Thursday → Reporting on Friday
Tested on Friday → Reporting on Monday

If the result come out to be positive, we are not able to issue the negative certificate.
If your result is positive, our clinic staff will contact you as soon as possible.
Please contact to your nearest public health center and follow the advice.

You cannot take the test if you had fever or other symptoms in the last 2 weeks.

If you would like to book a test or ask questions, please contact us on 03-6371-1702 or email us to with your information below.

1. Name (Exactly same spelling on your passport)
2. Phone Number
3. Date of Birth
4. Sex
5. Date and Time you would like to test
6. The reason you would like to test (For example, international or domestic travel, you had contact with positive patient but were ruled out from public health center testing )
7. Flight details (destination country, departure date and time) , passport number and nationality if you are traveling abroad
Please bring your passport (for international travel) or any ID such as medical insurance card or driving license (for domestic travel and other reason) with you when you come to test.